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My name is Erin Walker.  I am 26 years old.  My husband and I got married in 2005.  We grew up in Illinois but currently live in League City, Texas.    We are both teachers, and love our jobs.  We have a dog named Jack, and we think he is our baby!  I love to work out and recently started crossfit.  We attend Clear Creek Community Church and are involved in the student ministry there.
Growing up, my meals consisted of pizza, tacos, pasta, and Chinese takeout.  My unhealthy lifestyle caught up with me when I got into college, and ended up in the emergency room with unexplained chest pain. It turned out that I had gallstones and my next step was gallbladder surgery.  After my surgery, I continued eating the same way as before. I wasn't digesting the food I was eating very well at all. I had constant stomachaches and took Imodium ALL the time.  After 7 years of pain, I decided enough was enough.

I wanted to force myself into liking vegetables and eating a more healthy diet, so I tried a cleanse. Well, the cleanse worked! Kind of.... After I finished, I felt great! I was eating better than I ever had before. I started introducing "cheat meals" into my diet a few weeks after my cleanse. Any time I ate grains, or dairy, I would have SEVERE stomach pain and bloating. I told myself that it was normal and that my body would have to get used to eating that kind of food again. After 6 months of extreme pain, Tums, and Beano I wasn't getting any better.  I went to go see a nutritional consultant/herbalist and he put me on a very strict Paleo diet. Eating Paleo has changed my life. My stomach inflammation has gone down enough that I am finally able to eat without having any pain! 
I teach 1st grade and my co-workers ask a lot of questions about the Paleo diet.  I was inspired to start a blog to share the recipes I create with my friends and family.  Since starting the blog, I have had quite a few people ask me to bake them gf/df/paleo desserts for birthdays, anniversaries, or just for fun.  My husband and I opened Little E’s Kitchen.  I bake Paleo cupcakes and sell them locally.  When I embraced the Paleo lifestyle, I truly missed eating desserts.  I would walk by my favorite cupcake bakery and feel so sad that I would never be able to eat there again.  I wished so many times that there would be a bakery that would accommodate my dietary restrictions.  I couldn’t find a single one.  I hope that Little E’s Kitchen can fill that void for people who have similar dietary restrictions.  

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