Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fill and Grill Bananas

I first saw this idea at The Paleo Mom.  The original recipe sounds and looks AMAZING!!  I decided to try my own version of the recipe.  We made this last night and Chet was drooling over the results.  It was DELICIOUS!  Ooey, gooey, chocolate goodness!!

Fill and Grill Bananas

1 ripe banana per person
2 tbsp almond butter per banana
1 tbsp honey per banana
1 tsp ghee per banana
1/2 tsp cinnamon per banana
1 tbsp coconut palm sugar per banana
2 tbsp carob chips (or enjoy life chocolate chips)
aluminum foil

Slice 1 ripe banana down the middle (don't slice all the way through)
Separate the banana from the skin so there is room to fill it (keep the bottom intact)
Spread out 2 tbsp of almond butter onto the banana
Drizzle 1 tbsp of honey over the almond butter
Sprinkle 1/2 tsp cinnamon over the honey
Take 1 tsp of ghee and spread all down the inside sides of the banana (close to the banana skin)
Sprinkle the top of the banana with coconut palm sugar
Wrap the banana in aluminum foil
Grill for 10 minutes (watch very closely)
After grilling, sprinkle grilled banana with 2 tbsp of carob chips
What toppings would you put on your Fill and Grill Banana?!


  1. Whoah be still my heart, this is the perfect dessert! Reminds me of the flambéed bananas at a restaurant but this is so much better!

    1. It turned out really well!! Super easy and delicious!!!

  2. This looks amazing! I am addicted to banana & chocolate

  3. I'm always looking for a GF/DF dessert, especially for a cook out. I'll have to try these (without the ghee). I think these are going on the Father's Day menu!

    1. I think it will taste just as delicious without the ghee. I hope you and your family love them! :)


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